Unifor Ontario Regional Council

The Ontario Council will be meeting in Toronto from December 1-3, 2017. All Ontario locals of Unifor are entitled to send delegates and resolutions. This annual Council meeting is a great opportunity for activists and leaders from across the province to advocate for progressive change and challenge policies that we disagree with.

Unifor Local 222 has submitted the following four resolutions:

  1. Support the NDP in the 2018 Provincial Election
  2. Stop retired Unifor staffers from claiming extravagant and unnecessary payments from the GM and Fiat Chrysler Health Care Trust (asr trust).
  3. Mobilize and organize for guaranteed pension protections that put workers and pensioners first in bankruptcy laws.
  4. Call on the Ontario government to revised the current funding formula to improve the funding of mental health services.

Please circulate these resolutions to members of your Local Union, and urge your Local delegates to support them at the Ontario Council meeting. All Unifor members who are not Council delegates are eligible to attend the Council meeting as observers.


Vacancies on the Council Executive and Standing Committees will be filled by election at the Council meeting. There will be at least two vacancies on the Executive, and many openings on standings committees. More information about the elections, and other information about the Ontario Regional Council meeting can be found at the Council’s page.

Past Events – 2017 Unifor Canadian Council

The 2017 Unifor Canadian Council meeting is scheduled for August 18-20 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. All Unifor locals are entitled to send delegates and resolutions. This annual Council meeting is a critical forum for raising questions, advocating for change in policies and structures, and networking with activists and leaders from locals across the country. The official Canadian Council page includes a link to the call letter with information about submitting resolutions, and other information.

Unifor Local 222 has sent the following three resolutions to the Canadian Council meeting:

  1. Palestinian Self-Determination and the Movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
  2. GM Health Care Trust Trustees
  3. Establishment of Equity Positions on Unifor Local Union Executive Boards

The deadline for submitting resolutions is Friday, July 14 at 5 pm (EST). Please consider getting your local to endorse these resolutions, as well as submitting others on important issues.